October 14, 2008

Recently I've been studying how to draw caricatures with Kage of Caricature-Japan. My homework has been to copy caricatures as perfectly as possible and to do my own caricatures as well. The picture above is a copy of a sketchTakayuki Watanabe of Caricature-Japan drew of me, and the pictures below are of a student, done as a live sketch. Then I get feedback from Kage or Watanabe. It's really tough for me to draw quicker than ever before, while drawing with a highter standard of quality than ever before, but I'm doing my best so, wish me luck.

Tokyo Game Show

This last weekend I went to the Tokyo Game Show, for the fourth year in a row. Its crazy trying to make your way through a sea of 80,000 video game fanatics crammed into a convention space. Good times.