February 21, 2009

My Tokyo Mini-Con Work

Since this was my first convention I thought I'd try to do something new, so I made Kage his own brand of hot sauce.
I made a box lunch of Sousuke from rice, seaweed, and eggs.
I made a zombie movie for Andy
And since Tanaka likes smoking and Street fighter I made him some Dhalsim matches.

Lucky Me Part 3 Tokyo Mini-Con 2009

This week I ended up getting a great group of pictures drawn of me. Very cool reminders of a great week.

Here is a pic of me by Court Jones.
A painting of me by Shinichi Kokawa

Here is a pic of me by Steve Hearn

Here is a group shot and a stand alone piece both by Kenichi Muraoka

Here is me in a group shot of Caricature Japan Artists

Here is a painting by Hitomi Yasuda
Here is just me taken from a group shot, I'm trying to find who drew it, so let me know if you do.

Lucky Me Part 2

Here are some more pictures I've gotten over the last couple months. The first is a sketch with me as my favorite Street fighter character, Blanka, by Toru Tanaka.
Next is a sketch by Hironori Motohashi.
A sketch by Shiori Sato

Here is a sketch by Tomo Tabata done at Tokyo Tower.

February 20, 2009

My Awesome Week

I had a great week this week, because I went to my first Caricature convention and met a lot of great artists. I also got to spend time with some co-workers, some of whom I had met and some I had not met before. Not only are they all great artists, they have all been really helpful and supportive.

February 09, 2009

Lucky Me Part 1

Since I started working at Caricature-Japan, my collection of caricatures has been growing faster than ever before. I'm gonna try to get them all up online eventually. Here's the first batch.

Here's a quick sketch by Joe Bluhm.

Here's a quick sketch by Mr. Kunikazu.

Here's a sketch by Sousuke Narita.

Here's a sketch by Andy Urzua.