December 22, 2008

My First Day

As of yesterday, I'm officially an employee of Caricature-Japan. You can now see me listed among the artists on their artist profile page. You can also see a few digital examples I did of Japanese celebrities last week. You can see that page here.

I spent my first day working with Ryuiji Imada. He's really talented. This year he won first place for his Black and White Techinique and placed 8th overall. You can check out his blog at

Here is a quick sketch I did of him before we got busy.

Over the course of the day I drew around 10 people. Mostly children or couples. Sadly, children don't have as interesting faces as adults do., but I really enjoyed myself yesterday and the customers seemed happy too. It's a little difficult to juggle speed and quality while tryinng to entertain the customers in a foriegn language. I'll do my best to learn what I can from my co-workers since they are really good.