January 05, 2009

My first Day at LaQua

I've already spent two days so far in January drawing caricatures. Both days were spent at LaQua which is a shopping center next to the Tokyo Dome stadium. One day was spent working with Toru Tanaka and the other day was spent with Aki Inoue. Both do excellent art and you can check out their blogs from the column of blogs on the right side of this page.

During my time at Caricature Japan so far, I've usually drawn between 15 to 20 people a day. I often forget to take pictures, but here are a couple I actually remembered to take.

Here are some college students from Waseda University. Sadly the money minded students wanted the more affordable black n white sketch even though I would have liked to color it. They were a lot of fun to talk to. I thought it was one of my better likenesses but sadly when I took the picture I didn't catch the smile that I drew.