April 08, 2009

My first exhibition!

This week Caricature Japan is having an exhibition for its artists. This is my first time to have my work shown in a proper exhibition.
The exhibition is being held in Yokohama's Akarenga. This was my first time to visit Akarenga.
I spent the day in Yokohama with my wife, and then we met her sister and Watanabe at the station before going to Akarenga.
We ran into Aki Inoue and Imada Ryuji at the booth.
The space itself was fairly large, featuring work from around 20 artists.
Here's my little corner, and my artist profile as well.

Here are two of the pictures I did for the exhibit. I only had two days to do some new pictures. Of course I would have liked more time, but I'm pretty happy with how they turned out.